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Listed Below are some of our beers. Some are almost always on tap, and others are seasonal. 

Be sure to check in often to see what new goodness comes out of the brewery.




   Wildberry Lambic 12% Sweet and STRONG made with Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Marion Berry 
   Royal Bohemian Pilsner 5.0% ABV (GABF Gold, Florida Silver)
   Helms Dunkler Bock 6.6% ABV (based on an over 300 year old Family recipe Florida Gold)
   Fischer Light 3.9% ABV New!
   Fischer Hefeweizen 5.4% ABV (Florida Gold)
   Cattail Pale 6.4% ABV (IPA) (Florida Gold)
   Bohemian Swinger 5.0% ABV (Saaz Dry Hopped Royal Bohemian Pilsner Florida Gold)
   Fischer Helles 4.8%ABV (Florida Gold)
   Hopferl Pils 4.8% ABV New!
   Schlossbrau Hefeweizen Bock 7.8% ABV (Florida Silver)
   Schlossbrau Schwarzes Hefeweiss 5.4% ABV New!
   Schlossbrau Alt 5.6% ABV New!
   Bierhof Maerzen 5.6% ABV New!
   Bierhof Oktoberfest 5.6% ABV New!
   Tampa Red 4.8% ABV (Florida Silver)
   Flying Gator 6.8% ABV ( English Strong Ale Florida Silver)
   The Old Porch Dog 6.6% ABV (Franz's Version of the ole dog)
   Belgium Blonde 6.6% ABV
   Belgium Apple Blond 6.8% ABV ( fermented with organic Oregon Apples)
   Belgium Trippel 8.8% ABV
   Wild Berry Bourbon 16.0% ABV matured in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels
   44 Magnum 22.0% ABV ( fermented for 9 month with a special English high gravity yeast)
   Blitzen 9.6% ABV (Rudolf the red nose Reindeer’s cousin, our Christmas Ale)


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